Lego is a Factoring company, which has been in the market for more than six years, offering clients competitive rates and services.

Since it is a company affiliated to the ANFAC [National Association of Factoring Companies], Lego operates with transparency, credibility and safety, always respecting the norms and legal requirements.

Our aim is always to correspond to the needs of our clients and overcome their expectations. Factoring and advising through ample services in negotiating receivables, collecting and special services.

For this we count on a modern technological and operational structure, ensuring fast and objective responses. Our team is formed by the best professionals in the market.
At Lego, we established a solid partnership relationship with our clients and suppliers which is what differentiates us and allows for preference in the market.

Our Differential:

Simplicity in opening a file and agility in credit analysis;
Experienced and trained professionals to offer a agile and personalized service.;
Fast in credit approval;
Sending operations, 2nd copy of invoices, reports in general available on the internet;
Safety and transparency in business.

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Financial Consulting
Financial consulting directed especially for the implementation of cash flow, elaboration of adequate financial planning and optimization of the administrative sector.

Collecting and Special Services
Banking collection available with efficiency and safety.
Personalization of services so that your needs are seen to in the best way possible.

Purchase of Raw Material
Indicated for companies with orders in their portfolio and do not have immediate credit with their suppliers. With this service, your company may reach great discounts for payment in cash of the production costs.

Investment Fund in Rights and Credits, with the best rates in the market, with AA rating by Standard & Poor’s.

Negotiating Receivables
Negotiating trade bills and checks originating from sales made or services already executed.




Lego Fomento Mercantil Ltda - Rua: Emilio de Menezes, 76 - 9º andar - Higienópolis – SP – Tel (11) 4108-8285